2022 Fall Newsletter published by the Division of International Affairs, NTUE

發布日期 : 2023-02-09

Division of International Affairs compiles the activities within the university and our group every quarter, and then send it to our partner univeristies. 
Let our partner univeristies know more about our university's programs and activities.
What's inside:
A Conversation with the Master: An online conversation with Kris Verstockt 
Spring Semester Mandarin Class: One-day Cultural Visit to Guo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry|Dragon Boat Festival Event|Happy Graduation to  all International Students
NTUE achieved excellent results in the  National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

This quarter online:https://acrd07.wixsite.com/newsletter/newsletter-october-2022-fall
Last quarter online:https://acrd07.wixsite.com/newsletter/newsletter-2021-winter-december


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