1. Partial lifting of restrictions and measures:

 (1) Conditionally relaxing restrictions on the following venues, activities, or groups:

  a. Outdoor venues: national park, national scenic areas, amusement parks, leisure farms, forest recreation areas, botanical gardens, cultural parks, sports fields of schools, and driving schools.

  b. Indoor venues: galleries, museums, cinemas, performance halls and venues (without an audience), social educational institutions, and cultural centers.

  c. Indoor and outdoor sports grounds and stadiums (except swimming pools) and golf courses.

  d. Dine-in services are allowed in dining venues (restaurants, traditional markets, and night markets, food courts in department stores and supermarkets, eating areas, etc.) that meet the CECC guidelines.

  e. Domestic small tour groups (9 or fewer people) and the filming of film crews

 (2) The above-mentioned relaxation of the measures must adhere to the following principles and the guidelines issued by the regulatory authority of the respective business/industry.

  a. Contact-information-based measures, entrance and exit controls, and crowd control and reduction measures.

 b. Maintaining social distancing and the mandatory mask-wearing at all times except for dining.

 c. Health management among staff members and timely responses to the occurrence of confirmed cases.


2. Venues that remain closed:

 (1) Leisure and entertainment venues

 (2) Educational facilities

 (3) Exhibition and sports competition venues


Resource: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control