The announcement of entry for New International Students of 2021/2022 Fall semester (September) (updated: July 26)

1. The school beginning day is postponed to Thursday, September 23 for next semester. The following dates have been changed due to the current impact of COVID-19:

  • Opening of student dormitory: September 17
  • Student Club Fair: September 22
  • Orientation for New International Students: September 22
  • Taipei-half day trip activity: September 25
  • To add, withdraw or select inter-university courses: September 23 ~ October 6
  • Midterm exam week: November 8 ~ November 12

2. The MOE following the announcement of CECC, due to the current impact of COVID-19, Taiwan schools do not yet receive any announcement from the government. After new international students confirm their admission on the application system, please wait for our latest email (we already mailed it on July 6). For someone who applied for an on-campus dormitory, we'll also inform you of the allocated room before July 23, as well as the payment. The room fee is different for the undergraduate and graduate students, please refer to the website:

3. Due to COVID-19, foreigners are not allowed to apply for visas as well as apply for the entry, so please wait for notification. If it open again, we will:

 (1) File an application and pass your name to MOE and Taiwan's overseas mission in your county, so that you can apply for a student visa.

 (2) After you get your student visa, the school (NTUE) then needs to apply for MOE for your entry. We will email you the details and required documents after the border open.

4. Please prepare your verified diploma & transcript and insurance documents for enrollment.

5. On July 23, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will lower the epidemic alert to Level 2, effective from July 27 to August 9. Related details are listed below:
 (1) General principles:

i. Masks must be worn at all times when outside except when consuming food and beverages.
ii. Contact information registration measures must be implemented rigorously.
iii. Social distancing must be maintained.
iv. Crowd control or capacity limit management at commercial business venues and public venues: a distance of at least 1.5 meters per person (2.25 square meters per person) is required indoors and a distance of 1 meter per person (1 square meters per person) is required outdoors.
v. Limit on the number of people in gatherings: 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. An epidemic prevention and control plan is required if the number of people in a gathering exceeds the limit.
vi. Places with dine-in services shall follow the Ministry of Health and Welfare regulations.

 (2) Wedding banquets and public memorial services are allowed.

i. Public memorial services shall abide by epidemic prevention and control regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior.
ii. Every partitioned-off area at a wedding banquet must abide by the epidemic prevention rule of 50 or fewer people indoors and 100 or fewer people outdoors; guests must follow guidelines on dining, and toasting each table is not allowed.

 (3) Venues that remain closed under the Level 2 epidemic alert:

i. Leisure and entertainment venues: singing and dance venues, nightclubs, bars and clubs, KTVs, MTVs, beauty parlors (tourist parlors and audio-video parlors), arcades, video game arcades, Internet cafes, majiang clubs, board game cafes, and other similar venues.
ii. Educational facilities and venues: community colleges (registration for fall term classes is open, but in-person classes are suspended), senior learning centers, study centers, swimming pools, and other similar venues.

Resource from: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control


The announcement for current International Students due to the new domestic COVID-19 cases updated in May. 21

The CECC announced in response to the recent large number of indigenous COVID-19 cases, from May 19 raised the warning nationwide to Level 3 until May 28. 

The CECC would adopt the measures down below under the Level 3 alert:

1. Closure of leisure and entertainment venues and other venues listed below: Sports, exhibition venues, cinemas, auditoriums, gymnasiums, performance venues, activity centers, indoor ice rinks, indoor swimming pools, amusement parks, amusement arcades.

2. Closure of education facilities: community colleges, senior learning centers, training centers, study centers, social educational institutions, senior centers, and other similar venues.

3. wear a mask outdoor.

4. Avoid unnecessary movement, activities, or gatherings.

5. All family or social gatherings involving 5+ people indoors or 10+people outdoors are suspended.

6. Business venues and places should implement crowd and flow control, wear the mask, and social distancing.

Resource from: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control


The announcement for current International Students due to the new domestic COVID-19 cases updated in May. 12

1. According to CECC, in response to the increased risk of community transmission caused by the local cases of unknown sources of infection in Taiwan, it would raise an epidemic warning to level 2.

2. From now until June 8, a total of 4 weeks, and would impose restrictions on personal activities, gatherings, business venues, public transportation, and other related measures.

3. To avoid crowded venues and wear a face mask at the place, those who do not wear face masks may be fined.

4. Organizers should ensure social distancing, mask-wearing, and adopt a record of participants' information, take temperatures, sanitize, and crowd flow control, capacity limits, and route arrangement. organizers must follow the rules above, or cancel the activities. 

5. In principle, organizers shall cancel more than 500 people outdoor activities, more than 100 people indoor. If the organizers could arrange designated seats and spare the seat for the next participants, take a record of participants' information, ensure participants wear the mask all the time, and prohibit food and drink consumption. Then, the organizers shall submit the prevention plans to the local regulatory authority and obtaining permission.

6. The business owner, public venues, and food & beverage service owner shall follow the rules same as the organizer of activities.

7. It's prohibited to eat & drink on THSR trains, TRA trains, and intercity buses. From May 15, no standing tickets will be sold on the THSR trains and TRA trains.

Resource from: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control


The announcement of entry for International Students of 2021 Spring (second semester) updated on Feb. 09

1. Potential international students need to first contact us (@Division of International Affairs) to arrange immigration entry-related affairs.

2. NTUE will fill our official entry permit application forms to submit to the MOE.

3. International Students must present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of boarding when checking in.

4. Travelers should also log into the Quarantine System for Entry (, use their mobile phone to fill out the health declaration form before their departure, and make an affidavit stating that the location of their intended 14-day home quarantine in Taiwan.

5. After arriving in Taiwan, the students have to undergo 14-day home quarantine, which they can do at either a government quarantine center or a quarantined hotel.

6. After students are allowed to leave quarantine, they will have to continue to exercise self-health management for 7 days, during which required to wear a surgical mask at all times, take the temperature twice a day, and avoid visiting public places.

※See the resource: 、


The announcement of entry for New International Students of 2020/2021 Second semester

1. The MOE following the announcement of CECC from January 1, 2021 (local departure time), stringent border and quarantine restrictions in response to a new variant of the COVID-19. From now on (Dec. 31, 2020) Taiwan schools to stop accepting entry permit application by international students (including those receive the scholarship).

2. If students have already obtained an entry permit(before Dec. 30, 2020) but have yet arrived in the country, will be allowed to enter after Jan.1.

More Information: (MOE) (resource)


The announcement for overseas New/Current International Students of 2020/2021

1. Current students entry and starting the new semester

Ministry of Education has announced those foreign students who are not limited from low- and medium low-risk countries or regions (a total of 19) are allowed to enter Taiwan. From July 22nd students can enter Taiwan through the procedure of MOE and inform the Division of International Affairs ASAP, and undergo the quarantine for 14 days in Quarantine Hotel.

2. New foreign students enter Taiwan and starting the new semester

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NTUE complies with the notice from the Ministry of Education and CECC. Until July 15th was total opened the Current student and New foreign students of 2020/2021 in 19 countries/region to enter Taiwan, including Vietnam, Hong Kong (note 1), Macau, Thailand, Palau, Australia (note 1), New Zealand, Brunei, Fiji, Mongolia, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar.


3. Preparation phase for new foreign students
For the foreign admitted student of 1st intake who stays overseas, please follow the direction below to apply for the visa and other matters:

  1. Visit the Taiwan overseas missions to apply for a residence visa.
  2. Book the flight ticket (now we already book the quarantine hotel for August 20th, for those arriving after please let us know by email).
  3. Fill in the survey once you receive your resident visa(
  4. We will issue the “official notice document” and “Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate” by email to you once we receive your documents from MOE.
  5. Please print it out and bring it with you.


4. The important notice before going through customs for new foreign student
Foreign students should comply with the direction after getting off the plane and before going through the customs

  1. Apply for the short-term phone card at the airport telecom.
  2. Log in to the “Quarantine System for Entry (”, after finish the online form you will get a “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate” on your phone.

*You must fill in the phone number that is available in the next 14 days and provide the quarantine hotel address.

  1. Present the “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate” screenshot to the customs.
  2. Contact the NTUE school staff proactively.
  3. Check-in at the Yellow “Overseas Students Reception Counter” and present “official notice document”, “overseas student entry permit certificate”, and “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate”.
  1. Take the quarantine taxi to quarantine hotel under the guidance (it costs around NTD$ 1,000), and fill in the form of quarantine taxi.

5. The notice of quarantine hotel for foreign students

  1. Receive the epidemic prevention kits, follow the health education and warnings.
  2. Answer the call for physical and mental care on time.
  3. Report body temperature and health status twice a day.
  4. Submit quarantine notice and health record form after complete the 14 days quarantine.
  5. Self-health monitoring for 7 days (can go outdoor, but should keep checkup the body temperature and wear the mask).
  6. Renew your residence visa to ARC within 15 days after completing the 14 days quarantine.(

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6. Announcement of course selection for the new semester
First phase: Monday, August 24, 9 am to Wednesday, August 26, 12 pm, and check the result on Thursday, August 27, 4 pm.
Second phase: Tuesday, September 1, 12 pm to Thursdays, September 3, 11:59 pm, and check the result on September 4, 4 pm.
Third phase: Monday, September 7, 12 pm to Friday, September 18, 6 pm, and check the final course list on Student Information System.
Website for course selection:
Account: Student ID number; password: your birth (ex: 19950130).


7. 2020/2021 on-campus dormitory opening time of the new semester
For those already assigned the on-campus dormitory (not Wo-long Dormitory), the opening time of 2020/2021 of a new semester is on August 29, please follow the latest information on the Office of Student Affairs (
NTUE Wo-long related information

8. Announcement of purchasing masks
This is an image
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Pre-order mask procedure
Using NHI card and residence visa register and set up the code on (, after finish the procedure above, you can pre-order the mask on emask website (
For mask Issues: Please call 1922、1919 (toll-free) or go to the National Health Insurance Administration website ( to search for the NHI contracted pharmacy. Or call 0800-030-598 or 4128-678 (without adding area code), cell phone please call 02-4128-678.


9. Please join LINE Account ( for any notices from the Department of Health. Please also check the latest information for 2019 Novel Coronavirus on the website of the Centers for the Disease Control:

10. To focus the report of COVID-19 on time, please refer to the website below,( global map of COVID-19