Upon your arrival, the following application procedures should be tackled immediately:

1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), 2. Insurance, 3. Health Examination for Foreign New Students, 4. Payment of Tuition Fee and Accommodation Fee, 5. Registration, 6. Courses selection.


1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) 

The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) is an identification card for international students living in Taiwan. So, it is very important that you keep it properly and pay attention to its expiration date. Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an ARC within 15 days after arrival. International students can visit the “Students Online Application System” to complete their online application or go to the local Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency Branch to apply for the ARC personally.

 ARC Sample

Online Application 

Please visit the link for the most recent information (https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/student/entry/foreign-student

a. Please select "I want to apply" at the bottom of the above URL website. 

b. Students are required to register for an ID to proceed with the online application process. 

c. Once login with the ID, please choose "First Time Application of ARC" under the "Application" Bar and upload the necessary documents and pay the application fees. 

d. You may keep track of the application progress through "Case Status Check" if you are a full-time student does apply for an ARC card (electronic ARC for exchange students that valid for 6 months only).

e. Once the application was approved you have to visit National Immigration Agency personally for card collection.  (you may choose the collection venue through an online system).

Required Documents 

a. First-time entry applicants (offer-received but not yet enrolled): Passport, Residence Visa, admission permit of enrollment, proof of residence in Taiwan, and a 2-inch color photo that is front-facing, above the waist, and without wearing a hat and taken within the past 2 years (same specification as for the National Identity Card).

b. First-time entry applicants (enrolled): Passport, Residence Visa, admission permit of enrollment, a student ID card with the current semester registration stamp or a school attendance certificate, proof of residence in Taiwan, and a 2-inch color photo that is front-facing, above the waist, and without wearing a hat and taken within the past 2 years (same specification as for the National Identity Card).

Application Processing 

5 working days under normal circumstances where no correction is necessary. If the application documents are deemed incomplete according to the criteria, corrections shall be made within 3 days from the day after notification.

Application Procedure 

Any student with foreign nationality but not yet approved for naturalization in Taiwan may hold an admission permit/notice or certificate of enrollment and registration to fill out an application. Please sign up for the “Students Online Application System" to create an account.

After filling out and submitting an online application form, the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students may receive a set of confirmation numbers composed of 12-digit numbers. By gaining access to "application progress inquiry" under "progress inquiry", the students may key in the conditions for inquiry so that the system will generate the relevant information automatically for the applicant to keep track of the progress.

After completing your payment, and no correction needed, you can collect the ARC card in the following ways:

  1. First-time entry applicants (received but not yet enrolled): The electronic residence certificate valid for 6 months will be ready for download as soon as the applicant pays the fees through the online system. After completing school enrollment but before the residence certificate expires, the applicant shall bring the required documents are passport, original electronic residence certificate, and a 2-inch color photo that is front-facing, above the waist, and without wearing a hat and taken within the past 2 years (same specification as for the National Identity Card) to apply for a residence extension as well as replacement with an Alien Residence Certificate(ARC).
  2. First-time entry applicants (enrolled): The Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) will be ready for the applicant to collect at a National Immigration Agency service center 3 working days after the applicant pays the fees online. Please present the payment receipt when collecting the certificate.
  3. Non-first-time entry applicants: The Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) will be ready for the applicant to collect at a National Immigration Agency service center 3 working days after the applicant pays the fees online. Present the payment receipt when collecting the certificate (the old certificate must be returned).


a. NTD$ 1,000 (1-year of residence)

b. NTD$ 2,000 (2-year of residence)

c. NTD$ 3,000 (3-year of residence).

d. NTD$ 500 (alteration or re-issuance of residence permit)

Other Rules and Regulations 

For details please contact National Immigration Agency

Website  www.immigration.gov.tw


No.15, Guangzhou St., Jhongjheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan 100

Taipei service office Office Hour

Monday to Friday 8:00~17:00

Information for Foreigners in Taiwan Domestic Landline  (02) 2388-9393

(02) 2388-3929 0800-024-111 (English, Japanese, and Mandarin services available)
Email  boi@immigration.gov.tw

The following affairs are in regard to your right in Taiwan, please note the following:

a. Foreign students who wish to attend school in Taiwan may apply for the ARC through the online registration and certification system with an admission permit/notice or certificate of enrolment and registration provided by the attending school within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan. If not, he/she shall be fined between NTD$2,000 to NTD$10,000.

b. Visa extension should be applied for at least one month earlier before the expiration date. If the ARC expired during the summer vacation (from July to September), students are allowed to apply for an extension from June 1st. Applicants who fail to apply for the extension of residence within validity will be asked to leave Taiwan and the resident qualification will be canceled.

c. For students who are holding ARC for pursuing study in our university that have no reason to stay in Taiwan in the case of expulsion from school or temporary suspension of studies as a result of loss of student identity. Given the above circumstance, your ARC will be invalid in 15 days upon our report to the National Immigration Agency. Therefore, you shall be leaving Taiwan ASAP or you will be imposed a penalty.

d. Graduates are required to provide a graduation certificate to extend their stay if they are seeking employment in Taiwan. The residency period is a maximum of 6 months, starting from the month of graduation. Those who postponed their graduation should provide the required documents to keep or extend their ARC. Students will be granted a maximum extension of 1 year, according to their academic situation.


2. Insurance 

Student Insurance Coverage 

We will assist you to arrange the student group insurance (NTD$ 1 million for death and NTD$ 500 per day for an admitted overnight hospital stay) when you go through the registration process, the fee will be paid accompanied by registration.

According to National Health Insurance Act, foreigners staying in Taiwan for over 6 months are obligated to take out the insurance policy under National Health Insurance (NHI). However, new students who are coming to Taiwan for the first time cannot join Taiwan's National Health Insurance until the 7th month of their arrival. If newly arrived students wish to have health insurance for the first 6 months of their stay in Taiwan, they have the option of joining "Cathay Life Medical Insurance" or bringing their own medical care insurance certification with them.

The Cathay Life Medical Insurance fee is a one-time payment of NTD$ 3,000 for 6 months (NTD$ 500 per month) (Price subjects to adjustment). Students who wish to purchase Cathay Life Medical Insurance for the first 6 months of their stay in Taiwan can submit an application and NTD$3,000  to International Affairs before the deadline of Registration (8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm).

Please choose one option On Orientation/Registration Day:
Option1:  Please provide your medical care insurance certification and with verification by Taiwan (ROC) Embassies and Missions Abroad.

Option2:  Please submit NTD$3,000 to the Division of International Affairs if you wish to apply for Cathay Life Medical Insurance.

※For those students who are staying in Taiwan for more than 6 months and already have National Health Insurance Card, will need to submit a photocopy of the National Health Insurance Card and fill in a Transfer-In form.

※For those who have insurance covered at other organizations (such as language schools, work units, and offices of villages, towns, or cities) and would like to transfer their insurance into our school, please go to the original units to opt-out of the insurance and obtain the transfer bill or transfer certificate, and then go to International Affairs Division to draw the health insurance paying-in slip and pay the fees, and then take the receipt and the transfer certificate to the International Affairs Division to transfer the insurance into our university.


3.   School Health Examination for International Students  (2021/2022)
a. Date & Time: September 16th, 2020 13:30-14:30 PM
b. Fee: NTD$ 600
c. Please complete Student Health Information Card with a photo and submit the form on September 11th, 2020 to the check-up nurse.
d. Remember to bring the Health Examination Receipt and Registration Procedure Checklist before September 12th, 2020 to stamp-on by the staff of the Office of Student


4. Tuition and miscellaneous fees 

a. Pay by Cash: You may make your payment at any Post-Office or 7-11 Convenient stores.
b. ATM Transfer: The closest ATM is at the door of our Duxing Building.
c. Please hand in the tuition and miscellaneous payment receipt by September 17th, 2020 to your departmental assistant.


5. Registration process 

a. Please complete the Student Academic Record Form online.
b. Submit your Passport Verification
c. Submit your Degree Verification
d. Submit your medical care insurance and personal injury insurance or NTD$ 3,000
e. Submit your Student Comprehensive Data Record Table

※Students should submit the stamp-on Registration Procedure Checklist to their Departmental Assistants by the  Registration Deadline: September 12th, 2020.


6. Course Selection 

Log in 教務學務師培系統 > 學生資訊系統 (Account: Student ID; Password: Your birth),browse the course that you wish to enroll in,

NTUE Method of Searching for Courses and Syllabus  

NTUE Method of Online Course Selection