1. Where is National Taipei University of Education (Taiwan)?

A:Please refer to the following website for further information:
Transportation (English)

2. I want to apply for International Admissions, when is the application date? How to get the information about application procedures?
A:There are now 3 schools, 20 departments, and 3 Matser's Program.Recruiting programs please see Academic Year Enrollment Guide for International Students. More information please refer to application website:
 International Admissions (English)

3. How many semesters of an academic year?

A:There are two semesters of an academic year, and 18 weeks for studying of a semester. Fall semester: from September to January. After that, it's winter vacation. Spring semester: from February to June, and continue with a summer vacation.

 NTUE 2019/2020 Academic Calendar

4. When does the school starts in every semester?
A:Fall semester: Mid-September. Spring semester: Mid-February.

5. Any restrictions on applying for admission as a foreign student?
A:Please refer to National Taipei University of Education Foreign Student Enrolment Directive:
National Taipei University of Education Foreign Student Enrolment Directive (English)

6. Regarding the tuition fee, do I have to pay for one semester or two semesters at a time?
A:Students pay their tuition fee at the beginning of every semester. So, you pay for a semester at a time.

7. I want to learn Chinese. Are there any Chinese language courses available?
A:Chinese Language Education Center of National Taipei University of Education offers a quarter program with placement teaching.Aside from that, CLEC also offers mandarin summer camp and customized learning program. For details, please click on the link to CLEC official web site:

Chinese Language Education Center

8. Are there any scholarships that foreign applicants are eligible to apply for?

A:We provide the NTUE Scholarship. There are 2 different ways to apply for the scholarship.

1. For current students, please download the form below:
    NTUE Scholarship Application Form

Please print out the form and submit it with the copy of your ARC and transcript to the Division of International Affairs.

(Office Location: A709 Room, Administration Building)

Applcation Time:  From 1st Febuary to 30th April Every year.

2. For future students , please submit all of your require documents and check "yes" on the scholarship survey item.

Here is the online admission application website: https://enroll.ntue.edu.tw/foreign


臺灣獎學金Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Scholarship Program (Governmental Scholarships)

9.How to open an account in Taiwan?

      (1) You'll need five documents to open an account in the post office: your passport, ARC, student card, certificate of enrollment, seal, and NT $10 dollars as the minimum deposit for opening a new account.
      (2) If you would like to open an account in the First Bank, you’ll need four documents to open an account: passport, ARC, seal, and NT $1000 dollars as the minimum deposit for opening a new account.
      (3) If you require any further information for opening an account in other bank, please contact the bank directly.

10.Can international students work part-time in Taiwan?
A:Yes, but the Taiwanese government requires all foreign nationals to obtain a work permit. It is illegal to work without a work permit. Please see the website below: