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2021 Admission for International Students

NTUE 2021 Admission Brochure for International Students; 2021 Second Batch Admission for International Students
Application Dates:February 1, 2021 (Monday) to April 30, 2021 (Friday); July 21, 2021 (Wednesday) to August 4, 2021 (Wednesday)
Website: https://enroll.ntue.edu.tw/foreign

International Admission website: http://exam2.ntue.edu.tw/e_fApp.htm


Nationality & Academic Qualifications 

Applicants must meet the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan: https://law.moj.gov.tw/ENG/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?pcode=H0110001

or refer to "Foreign Students Enrollment Regulations" of NTUE


Applicants must meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria:

1. An applicant applying to undergraduate programs must have completed high school education or above in another country. 

2. An applicant applying to Master's Programs must have completed undergraduate studies or above. 

3. An applicant applying to doctoral programs must have completed Master's Programs or above. 

*For more information related to admission, please visit the  > Online Admission


Before application 

1. Please check you’re eligible to apply as an international degree student (“Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”; National Taipei University of Education Foreign Students Enrollment Regulations).

2. Please refer to NTUE 2021 Admission Brochure; NTUE 2021 Second Batch Admission Brochure

3. Check Degree Verification.

4. Check Resident Visa (Student) applying.

5. Check Scholarships for international degree students


Required documents 
The documents by each department are different, please refer to the following links 

  • Undergraduate Program (College of Education has 4 departments; College of Humanities and Art has 6 departments; College of Science has 5 departments). 1st intake 
  • Master's Program (College of Education has 9 programs; College of Humanities and Art has 6 programs; College of Science has 4 programs). 1st intake
  • International Master's Programs - (MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art, International Master's Program of Learning and Instruction, Master's Program of Business Administration in South East Asia).
  • Doctoral Program (College of Education has 1 program; College of Humanities and Art has 2 programs; College of Science has 1 program). 1st intake


Requirement documents- all the files should Scan then Upload

Online application: https://enroll.ntue.edu.tw/foreign

1. Fill in the application form for admission online, and upload a 2-inch passport size color photo.

2. Receipt of payment: no receipt will be required for online credit card payments.

3. Affidavit of NTUE International Student Admission.

4. Passport or nationality document.

5. Document evidence of education background and transcript over the year.

6. A financial statement or a document certifying a full scholarship or stipend granted by the government, a college, or a private organization.

7. Proof of Language Ability (depending on the requirement of your department).

8. All assigned documents from departments (refer to the Admission Brochure above)

9. Scan all original documents in color and upload them to the online application system


Flowchart of Enrollment for international degree student 


Timetable for application (Fall semester)

Event  Date  Note 
Announcement of general regulations for admissions

From January 4, 2021 (Monday)

From July 1, 2021 (Thursday)

Application time (Online application and payment of fees) 

From February 1 to April 30, 2021

From July 21 to August 6, 2021 

Reviews of application/Recruitment tests 

From May 3 (Monday) to May 14, 2021

Before August 11 (Wednesday), 2021

Admission results announcement 

Before June 9, 2021 (Wednesday)

Before August 18 (Wednesday), 2021

A successful application must log in to the admissions system prior to June 30, 2021, to confirm their acceptance (failing to do so will be seen as forfeiting their place).
Acceptance Letters  Before June 16, 2021  
Arrival and registration  Mid-September 2021 (About a week before the start of the semester). According to the date stated on the Letter of Acceptance.
First (Fall) semester  Mid-September, 2021


For Inquiries 
Acceptance of application 
Admission, Office of Academic Affairs 
TEL +886-2-27321104 #82015
email: cwhsu@mail.ntue.edu.tw

Program requirements 
Various Department 
TEL +886-2-27321104 #stipulations of various  programs 

Admission results 
Admission, Office of Academic Affairs 
TEL  +886-2-27321104 #82015
email: cwhsu@mail.ntue.edu.tw

Arrival, visas, insurances, scholarships 
Division of International Affairs 
TEL  +886-2-27321104 #82137
email: acrd@mail.ntue.edu.tw

Register, Office of Academic Affairs 
TEL +886-2-27321104 #82016
email: conor20634@tea.ntue.edu.tw


International Admission of NTUE website:  http://exam2.ntue.edu.tw/e_fApp.htm


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Affidavit of Document Verification This is an image
Financial Statement This is an image
Affidavit for Intellectual Property Rights This is an image