Academic Calendar 


2021 Fall

2022 Spring

Arrival dates

Early September


Teaching period starts



Teaching period ends


Late June


Mid-Autumn Festival: September 18 - September 21
National Day: October 9 - October 11
New Year’s Day: January 1 - January 2
228 Memorial Day: February 26 - February 28
Children’s Day & Tomb Sweeping Day: April 1 - April 5
Dragon Boat Festival: June 3

Examination period

November 8 - November 12
January 3 - January 7
April 11 - April 15
June 13 - June 17
Summer/Winter vacation June 28 - September 10 January 24 - February 13

 2021/2022 NTUE Calender  


Language of Instruction 

1. Chinese: 90% : 90%
2. English: 10% : 10%        

   *For English taught courses, please refer to:

  • 2021 Fall English taught course list  
  • 2021 Spring English taught course list  

  *Taught-in-English program 


Exchange Duration 

1-semester or 2 semesters 

  • Fall semester: September to January
  • Spring semester: February to June 


NTUE Credit System Credit System 

1 NTUE credit = 1 contact hour per week over 18 weeks 

1 NTUE credit = 2 ECTS (For Reference Only) 

1 NTUE credit = 1 credit hour (North American credit system) 


Study Load for exchange students per Semester

One Course: 2~3 credits
One academic semester: 18 weeks
NTUE has no minimum load requirement for incoming exchange students, but we strongly advise you to check with your home institution regarding requirements on course load while studying in NTUE.


2021 (110-1) Fall semester enrollment and timetable
Fall Semester class begins:  September 23, 2021

International students orientation and Registration will be on the same day and will be arranged before the Fall class begins. Time: Wednesday, September 22, 2021.


Online course registration (course selection information for current student only)

There are 3 phases of the course registration process: the first and second online course registration windows, add/drop period and the manual courses adding a period

1st phase:

Online courses registration window: From  June 16, 12 pm to June 21, 12 pm(for whole school students to register); January 7 will announce the result.

Online course registration system:  ( > Student Information System for course registration 學生資訊系統)

Account: Student ID No.

Password: Date of Birth (ex: 19950130)

2nd phase: 

Online courses registration window: From July 12, 12 pm to July 19, 11 am; July 28 will announce the result.

July 12, 12 pm to July 13, 11 am for seniors and above, Master and Ph.D. students.

July, 13 12 pm to July 14, 11 am for junior students.

July 14, 12 pm to July 15, 11 am for sophomore students.

July 15, 12 pm to July 19, 11 am for whole students to enroll in the course outside their department.

3rd phase:

Online course-adding & dropping, Inter-school course registration: From September 23, 12 pm to October 6, 6 pm.

Dispatch the taken courses list:

Date: October 14

Sign your name and return back the taken courses list:

Date: October 21

*NOTE: Remember to sign in and select the corresponding semester, when visiting the system of online course selection.

*NTUE Method of Searching for Courses and Syllabus 

*NTUE Method of Online Course Selection 

Credit Transfer & Transcripts 

(1) Course Credit Eligibility

Home Institution will determine the value of the credit for courses completed at NTUE. Policies of Home Universities determine the eligibility for transfer credit.

(2) Transcripts 

After each semester's final exam, students can access their scores online. A hard copy is sent to your home institution 6-8 weeks after scores are completed. 


Any questions please see: Division of Registration Curriculum 
Or download the related form:,c103-1.php


The Miscellaneous information down below includes daily living expenses, visa fees, insurance, etc..., the amount was estimated, exchange students can take this as a reference. 

Estimated Living Expenses (for reference only)
Accommodation: NTD$8,350 (for 1 semester)
Bedding Set: NTD$1,500 ~ NTD$2,500 (including mattress, blanket, duvet, and pillow)
Books: NTD$3,000 (for 1 semester)
Meal: NTD$8,000 (per month)
Local Transportation: NTD$2,000 (per month)

Visa Application Procedures and Application Fee

We will send the document “Certificate of Admission” for your visa application.
All international students are required to apply for a student visa prior to their arrival in Taiwan.

1. Please refer to the website of Taipei Missions Abroad in your country:

2. Please fill out the “online application form”, refer to the website below:

3. Students with the People’s Republic of China nationality should pay an application fee of NTD$600 and a commission fee of NTD$15-20 for Taiwan Exit & Entry Permit.

Alien Residence Certificates (ARC) Application Fee

Those who enter Taiwan on a Resident Visa or get a Resident Visa after having arrived in Taiwan must apply for an ARC via Student Online ARC Application System: Which must apply within 15 days from the next day of arrival or apply within 15 days from the Resident Visa issuance date. Duration of stay is noted on the ARC. The fee for 1 year ARC approximately NTD$1,000

All international students are required to have medical and accident insurance in their home country to cover their medical expenses during their entire stay in Taiwan before enrolling in the NHI Program. Please provide a copy of the insurance you obtain from your home country on the registration date. If a student has no Insurance with you, we'll ask you to join the Insurance of NTUE and pay NTD3,000 (cover 6 months/make a full payment once for all).
According to National Health Insurance Act in Taiwan, international students who hold an ARC and have been staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Program which costs NTD$826/month.

Extend or Shorten the Exchange Period 

According to the regulations of NTUE, each exchange students' maximum exchange period is one academic year, the minimum exchange period is one semester. The exceptional extension can be accepted if both home and host institutions agree.
To extend or shorten the exchange period, you must contact and have the consent from your home institution first, and you must apply before December 1st during the Fall Semester (first semester) or June 1st during the Spring Semester (second semester). Please note that both extend or shorten your exchange period need to be approved by the home and host institutions. Extension requests are evaluated based on the situation at the time.
If you have any questions, please contact Division of International Affairs, office A709

Leaving NTUE 

Exchange students who wish to leave NTUE must start the procedure 2 weeks before leaving school, and print out the “NTUE School Leaving Form for Exchange Students” to collect the stamps in the following order:

NTUE School Leaving Form for Exchange Students