Position Name Phone Email Capacity

Professor, Ping-Lin Fan

82162 plfan@tea.ntue.edu.tw General Management for Office of Research and Development.

Division of International Affairs
Position Name Phone Email Capacity
Director Associate Professor,  Tze-Kuang Lee 82220 mike9724@tea.ntue.edu.tw General Management for Division of International Affairs.
Assistant Director, 
International Cooperation
Dr. Jill Ho 82229 jillho@tea.ntue.edu.tw

1. Executing Global Conferences and Events.
2. NTUE Globalized Fair.

3. Overseas students recruitment assistance. 
4. Management the project of Ministry of Education.

Executive Officer Stella Chou 82218 stellachou@mail.ntue.edu.tw

1. Contact Person for Incoming Exchange Students.
2. Scholarships for Incoming Exchange Students.

3. NTUE Globalized Fair.

4. International exchange student affairs admission.

Executive Officer Viola Yu-Jhen Fan Jiang 82019 yujhen@mail.ntue.edu.tw 1. Documentation for Division of International Affairs.
2. Sponsorship of NTUE Globalized Fair.
3. Overseas Study Courses.
4. MOE "Pilot Overseas Internships".
Executive Officer Amy Wang  82137 amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw 1. International Degree student affairs admission.
2. Health & Insurance (NHI) for foreign student.
3. Working permit.
4. NTUE Scholarship, MOE Scholarship and others in Taiwan.
Executive Officer Mary Hsu 82020 mary0421@mail.ntue.edu.tw

1. MOU with academic partner.
2. Student summer/ winter camp.
3. Student study abaord program.
4. Scholarship for outcoming student.
5. Joint degree program.

Project Assistant Amber Chen 82138 ajelly@mail.ntue.edu.tw

1.Website Editing of the Division of International Affairs.
2.Assist in international interactions and affairs.

3.Tutoring and managing ISCES of NTUE.
Student Buddy tutoring and rewards distributing.

5.Higher Education Sprout Project financial management, KPI index fill out, and the Final report.