1. Where is National Taipei University of Education (Taiwan)?

A:Please refer to the following website for further information:
Transportation (English)

2. I want to apply for International Admissions, when is the application date? How to get the information about application procedures?
A:There are now 3 schools, 20 departments, and 3 Matser's Program.Recruiting programs please see Academic Year Enrollment Guide for International Students. More information please refer to application website:
 International Admissions (English)

3. How many semesters of an academic year?

A:There are two semesters of an academic year, and 18 weeks for studying of a semester. Fall semester: from September to January. After that, it's winter vacation. Spring semester: from February to June, and continue with a summer vacation.

 NTUE 2019/2020 Academic Calendar

4. When does the school starts in every semester?
A:Fall semester: Mid-September. Spring semester: Mid-February.

5. Any restrictions on applying for admission as a foreign student?
A:Please refer to National Taipei University of Education Foreign Student Enrolment Directive:
National Taipei University of Education Foreign Student Enrolment Directive (English)

6. Regarding the tuition fee, do I have to pay for one semester or two semesters at a time?
A:Students pay their tuition fee at the beginning of every semester. So, you pay for a semester at a time.

7. I want to learn Chinese. Are there any Chinese language courses available?
A:Chinese Language Education Center of National Taipei University of Education offers a quarter program with placement teaching.Aside from that, CLEC also offers mandarin summer camp and customized learning program. For details, please click on the link to CLEC official web site:

Chinese Language Education Center

8. Are there any scholarships that foreign applicants are eligible to apply for?

A:Please check the updated scholarship information on the website.
Guidelines for National Taipei University of Education International Students Scholarship (English)

NTUE Scholarship Application Form

臺灣獎學金Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Scholarship Program (Governmental Scholarships)

9.How to open an account in Taiwan?

      (1) You'll need five documents to open an account in the post office: your passport, ARC, student card, certificate of enrollment, seal, and NT $10 dollars as the minimum deposit for opening a new account.
      (2) If you would like to open an account in the First Bank, you’ll need four documents to open an account: passport, ARC, seal, and NT $1000 dollars as the minimum deposit for opening a new account.
      (3) If you require any further information for opening an account in other bank, please contact the bank directly.

10.Can international students work part-time in Taiwan?
A:Yes, but the Taiwanese government requires all foreign nationals to obtain a work permit. It is illegal to work without a work permit.