Student Housing Rules & Regulations 學生住宿規範與條例
(1) When access to accommodation, all tenants shall show your identification to the dorm staff or part-time work student staff upon request.

(2) Strictly forbid non-tenant to enter the dorm.  Students are provided with ID card or door access card, the one who violate the regulations will be expelled from the university accommodation, with non-retrieval of the fees and your qualification to apply for accommodation will be withdrawn ever since.

(3) Safety Notice: Please keep your personal properties properly. Security Camera is well-equipped in the building for 24-Hour Surveillance. Should there be suspicious persons, please report to the dorm supervisors and staff.

(4) No-Smoking in tenancy.

(5) Should there be damages caused by the tenants to the residence hall, the tenant will be liable to the responsibilities in accordance with related regulations.

(1) 進入宿舍時,請出示身份證明予宿舍人員或宿舍工讀學生。

(2) 住宿生將予提供學生證或門禁卡,非住宿生嚴禁進入宿舍,違反規範者將無法取得退費並 被逐出宿舍後永久取消申請住宿資格。

(3) 安全注意事項:請保管好你的私人物品。宿舍備有24 小時監視器。若有可疑人物,請通報 舍監或宿舍人員。

(4) 宿舍內禁止吸菸。

(5) 宿舍若有任何人為毀損,依照相關法規,住宿人將必須依規定承擔負責。

 Dormitory Environment 宿舍環境簡介
(1) Dormitory for Exchange Students and International Degree Studennts  交換生與國際學位生宿舍 

Accommadation Fees for One Semester (in NTD Currency) :  8350 Dormitory Fee + 600 Internet Fee + 500 Deposit = NTD 9450

Floor one to five in Dorm A are female accommodation and the public areas as bathrooms and toilets which have been renovated are located on both sides of each floor. Floor one to two in Dorm B are female accommodation and male accommodation are arranged on the floor three to five. All accommodations are equipped with access control system.

※Video introduction:

第一宿舍的一到五樓皆為女生宿舍,公共空間如:浴廁,位於每層樓的兩側。第二宿舍 一、二樓為女生宿舍,三到五樓則為男生宿舍,宿舍有門禁系統控管進出。


a. Social Hall on the First Floor一樓交誼廳
Once students step into the dormitory, you can see the social hall. It is an area for everyone to mingle with each other, a front desk where the part-time student workers, housekeepers or Dorm supervisors provide assistance for inquiry and is an open space for students to communicate.

Tables and chairs are arranged on both sides of the front desk for students and parents to rest; and normally students can also stay there to have a chat or homework discussion. In addition to that, a television is provided for both students and visitors.

一進入宿舍大門,眼前就是一樓交誼廳。交誼廳正中間即是宿舍櫃檯,若學生或家長有任 何與宿舍相關的疑問,櫃檯有工讀生、管理員和舍監可以提供學生及家長幫助,也是平日宿舍 與同學們直接接觸的管道。

櫃檯左右兩側分別有桌椅供學生、家長以及訪客使用,對於家長或是訪客來說,也是一個 休息的好地點;而平日則是學生們聊天與討論作業的地方。 除此之外,交誼廳的右側還有電視機,供住宿生和訪客使用。當有重大比賽轉播時,一樓 大廳也常聚集住宿生們觀看電視。

b. Dormitory寢室
Each dormitory room is for 6 people and each person has one table, one closet, and one shoe cabinet for one’s own space. The bed is on the top of the table or closet and there is a small cabinet beside the bed for storage. In addition, each room is provided with two big public cabinets for storage. The warm and comfortable dormitory can be a great memory of your living on campus. Special caring dormitories are respectively set on the first floor of both the Dormitory A and Dormitory B. Each caring dormitory is a four-person room and you do not need to climb for students requiring low beds, and the accessible toilets and bathrooms are near the caring dormitories and emergency buttons are well-equipped in there.

寢室是很溫馨的六人房。每個人都有個人的書桌、衣櫃、鞋櫃,能創造屬於自己的小空 間。床位皆是上鋪(於書桌或衣櫃上方),床鋪旁邊另附有小櫃子,可以方便收納。除此之 外,一間房還有兩個大型公共櫃可以放置物品。溫暖舒適的寢室可以是很棒的大學住宿回憶。 第一宿舍及第二宿舍一樓皆附有愛心寢室。愛心寢室為四人房,床位皆為下鋪,不需要爬 上爬下,提供給有需要的同學,而無障礙浴廁也鄰近愛心寢室,並附有緊急求救按鈕。

c. Study Hall on the Third Floor三樓自修室
Here we provide a quiet place for study, the study hall is open to students 24 hours and each seat in the hall is provided with a table lamp and a power socket. 宿舍內設有安靜的自習區,24 小時 開放外,每個座位並皆有檯燈及插座。

d. Social Hall on the Fifth Floor五樓交誼廳

e. Toilet廁所

f. Shower Room淋浴間

g. Laundry Room洗曬衣間

h. Accessible Bathroom and Toilet on the First Floor一樓無障礙浴廁


(2) Wolong Dormitory for International Degree Students 國際學位學生之臥龍宿舍  (For Female International Graduate Students only 保留予碩博士女國際生) 

 Accommadation Fees for One Semester (in NTD Currency) :  25,200 Dormitory Fee + 4,200 Deposit = NTD 29,400

1. The dormitory is  located at No.22 & 24, Heping East Road Section 2 Lane 136, Da'an District, Taipei City (Inside the school).  The dormitory has three shared bed rooms, a common hall (including a lounge, dining table and sink), shower room and toilet.
2. The rent includes water and electricity ( the using of conditioner will be paid by the AC stored-value card. )Deposit of one month of rent is required and refunded pro-rata when accommodation is terminated.

3. Dorms are using the Wi-Fi at the school.

1. 本宿舍設址臺北市大安區和平東路 2 段 136 巷 22 & 24 號(在學校內部), 設有3 間共用寢室,並設有交誼廳(含客廳、餐 桌、流理台)

2. 費用包含 水、電費(冷氣費用另計),住宿者須付一個月押租金,退宿則依比例退費。

3. 宿舍免費提供學校無線網路。

For any enquiries please contact  關於宿舍相關問題請聯絡

(3) Off Campus Accommadation 校外住宿