Transportation to NTUE 機場至校園交通
How to get to NTUE’s campus from Taiwan Taoyuan Internatioal Airport:
There are a variety of transportation options from Taiwan Taoyuan Internatioal Airport to National Taiwan University of Education (NTUE) which are all very convenient. The airport MRT is currently the fastest and most convenient way to reach Taipei city. There are three ways to get to our University:

1. Airport MRT  2. Taxi Service   3. Airport Shuttle Bus


1. 機場捷運 2. 計程車 3. 機場接駁巴士

(1) Airport MRT 機場捷運
The Airport MRT to Taipei Main station only takes up to 35 minutes. When you arrive at Taiepi Main statidon(BL12, R10), (1) please take Nangang(南港)- bound BLUE line to Zhongxiao-Fuxing station(BL15) and transfer to the Zoo( 動物園)-bound BROWN line to Technology Building station(BR08); (2) or take Xiangshan(象山)- bound RED line to Daan station(R5) and transfer to the Zoo( 動物園)-bound BROWN line to Technology Building station(BR08). Upon exiting the MRT station, turn left toweard Ho-Ping East Road(和平東路)- there is a TOYOTA showroom there, cross the road and turn left for one minute walk to our University's main gate.

搭乘機場捷運從機場到台北車站僅需35 分鐘。當你抵達台北車站時(BL12, R10),

(1)請搭乘往南港之藍色線列車,至忠孝復興捷運站(BL15)下車,轉乘往動物園之咖啡色線列車,第二站即抵達科技大樓(BR08)站下車。(2) 搭乘往象山之紅色線列車,在大安捷運站(R5)下車,轉乘往動物園之咖啡線列車,第一站及抵達科技大樓站下車(BR08)。出站後,左轉至和平東路—您可見到一間TOYOTA 展示銷售中心,穿越馬路後再左轉徒步約一分鐘即可抵達學校大門。

【Directions from Airport to Technology Building Station by MRT】

【Directions from Technology Building Station to NTUE by foot】

(2) Taxi Service 計程車服務
Taxi Service is available at Airport Arrivals Lobby. Provide the taxi driver with our University address(國立臺北教育大學 - 台北市大安區和平東路二段134號 No.134, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City)the fares are charged by meter and cost approx. NTD$ 1000-1200. The ride should take about 45 minutes. Another option is to take an airport bus or Airport MRT to Taipei Main station(台北車站)and take a taxi to our University for a cost of NTD$ 200-250.

您可在機場出境大廳外攔到計程車。請提供計程車司機本校地址(國立臺北教育大學—台北市大安區和平東路二段134 號),計程車收費以里程計費,花費約新台幣1000 到1200元。車程大約為45 分鐘。您也可選擇搭乘機場接駁公車或機場捷運至台北車站。從台北車站再轉乘計程車,從台北
車站到本校之計程車車資約為新台幣200 至250 元。


(3) Airport Shuttle Bus 機場接駁巴士
There are also Airport Shuttle Buses to the city center, please go to the CitiAir Bus(大有巴士)counter and buy a ticket for CitiAir Bus number 1960, which terminates at Taipei City Hall bus station(市政府轉運站). This airport bus provides a direct route for only 70 minutes to the stop “Far Eastern Plaza Shangri-La Hotel”(遠企飯店). Bus ticket fare is NTD$ 145 for adults. From Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, it takes only 4 minutes by car (taxi fare of under NTD$ 100) or 15 minutes by foot to our University.
If you would like to come to our University by foot, please face the building of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel(遠企飯店)and turn right, the road in front of you is Dunhua S.Road(敦化南路),and you Walk along the road and turn right at the corner when you see the Blossom Movie Theatre(梅花數位影院). Cross the road and you’ll see Burger King(漢堡王), and go straight along the Heping E. Rd ( 和平東路三段) about 10 minutes, to your left is our University.

機場也有接駁巴士至市區,請至大有巴士櫃台購買1960 號公車車票,路線名為市政府轉運站。此機場巴士為直達車,請於遠企飯店站下車(能直達遠企飯店),車程約70 分鐘。巴士成人票價車資為新台幣145 元。搭乘計程車從遠企飯店至本校僅需四分鐘(車資不超過新台幣100 元),徒步也僅需15分鐘。如果您選擇走路至本校,請面對遠企飯店右轉,前方為敦化南路,再沿著敦化南路走,於梅花數位影院的轉角右轉。看見對街的連鎖速食店漢堡王後,請沿著和平東路三段直走約十分鐘,本校即在您的左手邊。