After entering our school from the main gate, please go straight ahead of the road between the Administrative Building and the Duxing Building. Turn left when you see the field. Keep going straight, in front of you is the Student Center. To your left is the Dormitory First 第一宿舍(for Female), to your right is Dormitory Second 第二宿 舍(for Male).

進入校門後,請直走前穿越行政大樓與篤行樓之間的道路,看見操場後往左轉, 左轉後直行,途中會經過圖書館、視聽館,直走到底,看見學生中心後,學生中心左右兩側即是學生宿舍。左側為第一宿舍(女性),右側為第二宿舍(男性)。