Upon your arrival, the following application proceduress should be tackled immediately:

1. Alien resident certificate  2. Insurance  3. Health Examination inspection  4. Payment Tuition Fee  5.Registrations 


1. 辦理外僑居留  2. 辦理保險  3. 完成健康檢查  4. 繳付學費  5. 完成註冊


1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) 外僑居留證

Manual Application 紙本申請
The alien resident certificate servesis acts as an identification card for international students living in Taiwan. So, it is very important that you keep it properly and pay attention to its expiry date.

 ARC Sample


(1) Required Documents 應備文件
a.    An application form (download the attached file, print out and fill up the details)

b.    Alien resident certificate (except for first-time applicants)
c.    2-inch photo (2 photos for first-time applicants; 1 photo for ARC extension applicants.)
d.    Original Passport and Resident Visa and one copy of each
e.    An original copy and a photocopy of student ID or study certificate (first-time applicants are allowed to use Letter of Acceptance instead. National Immigration Agency will issue alien resident certificate with one-month validity for them. Students with temporary ARC can extend their ARC to one-year validity).

a.    申請表 1 份。(請下載附件,影印並填表)

b.    外僑居留證(初次申請者免附)
c.    2 吋照片(初次申請者須 2 張、延長居留期限換證者須 1 張)
d.    護照及居留簽證正、影本各 1 份
e.    學生證或在學證明書正、影本各 1 份(初次申請者,得以錄取通知書替代,移民署將會先核發 1 個月效期之外僑 居留證,俟註冊取得學生證後再辦理展延居留期限至 1年)

(2) Application Processing time 辦理時間
About 14 working days  約 14 個工作天

(3) Application procedure 申請程序
The application should be carried out by the applicant personally or the consignee with the mentioned files at the local service offices of the National Immigration Agency. Declaration of entrustment should be written on the application form or a letter of authorization should be attached for the entrusted party. The first-time applicant is required to complete the application in person.

(4) Fees 費用

NTD$ 1000 (1-year of residence), NTD$ 2000 (2-year of residence),  NTD$3000 (3-year of residence).

新臺幣 1,000 元(1 年期),新臺幣 2,000 元(2 年期),新臺幣 3,000 元(3 年期)。

(5) Other Rules and Regulations 其他相關規定

For details please contact National Immigration Agency詳細相關規定請洽「內政部入出國及移民署」:

Website  www.immigration.gov.tw


No.15, Guangjhou St., Jhongjheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan 100

台北市中正區廣州街15 號

Taipei service office Office Hour

Monday to Friday 8 :00~17:00

Information for Foreigners in Taiwan Domestic Landline  (02) 2388-9393

(02) 2388-3929 0800-024-111 (English, Japanese, and Mandarin services available)
Email  boi@immigration.gov.tw

(6)    Notice 注意事項
The following affairs are in regard to your right in Taiwan, please note the following:

a.    If you enter Taiwan with Resident Certificate Visa or for those who change your Visa to Resident Visa (RV) in Taiwan, you should apply for ARC (alien resident certificate) on the second day upon your entry or within 15 days after the Date of Issuance of your RV. You should also apply Re-entry Permit when you apply for ARC, in case one would like to leave and re-enter Taiwan within Visa Validity.

b.    Visa extension should be applied for at least one month earlier before the expiry date. You can have your visa extension application to be advanced to June 1st in case the expiry date is in July, Auguest, and September.
c.    Applicants who apply for a new alien resident certificate due to loss or damage should pay NTD$ 500 for renewal.
d.   Applicants who fail to apply for the extension of residence within validity will be asked to leave Taiwan and the resident qualification will be canceled.
e.    For students who are holding ARC for pursuing study in our university will have no reason to stay in Taiwan in the case of expulsion from school or temporary suspension of studies as a result of loss of student identity. Given the above circumstance, your ARC will be invalid in 15 days upon our report to the National Immigration Agency. Therefore, you shall be leaving Taiwan ASAP or you will be imposed a penalty.
f.    Graduates are allowed to stay fully to the deadline of ARC, and are eligible to extend the duration of stay to the 30th of September of the year.


a.    持居留簽證入境台灣或在台灣境內改換發居留簽證者,應於入境次日或居留簽證簽發日起 15 天內向居留地之內政部移民署各縣(市)服務站申請外僑居留證及回台簽證,以免您想在簽證期限內出境後再入境。
b.    若您想延長您的簽證,延簽手續須至少在簽證到期的前一個月辦理。例:若您的簽證到期日是七月,八月或九月,則您六月一日即可開始預先申請。
c.    外僑居留證遺失或毀損之申請者需繳交新台幣五百元的工本費。
d.    欲延長居留之申請者,若無在簽證有效期限內辦理延簽,將被驅逐出境並取消居留權。
e.    持外僑居留證之本校退學、休學之學生,將自動被取消學籍,並失去居留台灣之正當性。鑑於上述情況,本校將通報內政部移民署,而您的外僑居留證也將於通報日起 15天後失效,因此,您必須立即離開台灣,否則將被處以罰鍰。
f.    畢業生可居留至簽證到期日,並有權延長簽證至當年的九月三十日。

Online Application 網上申請

Please visit the link below for most recent information. 請到以網址以查詢申請辦法 


Please select "I want to apply" at the bottom of the of the above URL website. 

Students are required to register for an ID to proceed with the online application process. 

Once log-in with the ID, please choose "First Time Application of ARC" under "Application" Bar and upload the neccessary documents and pay the the application fees. 

You may keep track with the application progress through "Case Status Check", if you are full-time students do apply for ARC card (electornic ARC for exchange students that valid for 6 months only).

Once the application was approved you have to visit  National Immigration Agency personally for card collection.  (you may choose the collection venue through online system).


2. Insurance 保險

Student Insurance Coverage 辦理入學學生保險

We will assist you to arrange the student group insurance (NTD$ 1 million for death and NTD$ 500 per day for an admitted overnight hospital stay) when you go through registration process.According to National Health Insurance Act, foreigners staying in Taiwan over six months are obligated to take out the insurance policy under National Health Insurance (NHI).
However, new students who are coming to Taiwan for the first time cannot join Taiwan's National Health Insurance until the 7th month of their arrival. If newly arrived students wish to have health insurance for the first six months of their stay in Taiwan, they have the option of joining Cathay Life Medical Insurance or bringing their own medical care insurance certification with them.
The Cathay Life Medical Insurance fee is a one-time payment of NTD$ 3,000 for 6 months (NTD$ 500 per month *Price subjects to adjustment). Students who wish to purchase Cathay Life Medical Insurance for the first 6 months of their stay in Taiwan can Submit application on orientation day. (1:30~5:00 pm)

Please choose one option On Orientation Day, September 6th, 2019:
Option1:  Please provide your medical care insurance certification and with verification by Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Option2:  Please submit NTD$ 3000 to the Division of International Affairs if you would like to apply for Cathay Life Insurance.

新生註冊入學時,學校將會幫您辦理學生團體保險(身故新臺幣 100 萬元,一般住院每日新臺幣 500 元)。另外,依照我國健康保險法規定,所有國際人士在臺灣居留超過 6 個月者,均須投保全民健康保險 National Health Insurance (NHI)。
國泰人壽醫療保險投保六個月的費用總金額為新台幣 3,000 元,付費方式為一次性付款(每月費用新台幣 500 元)。欲針對抵台後前六個月投保國泰人壽醫療保險之學生,敬請於新生說明會當天向國際組提出申請並繳交保費。

請於新生座談會當日(2019 年 9 月 6 日)於下列選項擇一辦理:

1.    繳交您於台灣外交部驗證過之醫療保險證明。
2.    倘欲投保國泰人壽醫療保險之學生,請繳交新台幣 3000 元國際組辦公室。

**For those students who are staying in Taiwan for more than six months and already have National Health Insurance Card, will need to submit photocopy of National Health Insurance Card and fill in a Transfer-In form.

For those who have insurance covered at other organizations (such as language schools, work units and offices of villages, towns or cities) and would like to transfer their insurance into our school, please go to the original units to opt out of the insurance and obtain the transfer bill or transfer certificate, and then go to International Affairs Division to draw the health insurance paying-in slip and pay the fees, and then take the receipt and the transfer certificate to the International Affairs Division to transfer the insurance into our university.

** 如學生在入讀本校前已在台灣待上六個月並已獲得全民健保卡,請繳交健保卡影本以及填寫轉入申請單。


3.   School Health Examination for International Students  校內健康檢查
I.    Date & Time: September 11th, 13:00-13:30 PM
II.    Fee: NTD$ 600
III.    Please complete Student Health Information Card with photo and submit the form on September 11th to check-up nurse.
IV.    Remember to bring the Health Examination Receipt and Registration Procedure Checklist before September 12th to stamp-on by the staff of Office of Student

I.    時間:9 月 11 日(三 ),下午 13:00-13:30
II.    費用:新臺幣 600 元
III.    請填妥學生健康檢查資料卡並附照片,於檢查當日繳交給衛保組人員。請於 9 月12 日前攜帶健檢收據和註冊流程單讓衛保組老師核章。


4. Tuition and miscellaneous fees 學雜費

I.    Pay by Cash: You may make your payment at any Post-Office or 7-11 Convenient stores
II.    ATM Transfer: The closest ATM is at the door of our Duxing Building.
III.    Please hand in the tuition and miscellaneous payment receipt by September 12th to your departmental assistant.
I.    已帶現金者-請至郵局或超商繳費
II.    未帶現金者-利用 ATM 轉帳(本校最近之 ATM 位於篤行樓一樓門口左側)
III.    註冊繳費單收據最晚請於 9 月 12 日前繳交給助教

5. Registration process 註冊程序

I.    Please complete the Student Academic Record Form online.
II.    Submit your Passport Verification
III.    Submit your Degree Verification
IV.    Submit your medical care insurance and personal injury insurance or NTD$ 3000
V.    Submit your Student Comorehensive Data Record Table
I.    上網登入學生學籍資料
II.    繳交護照驗證
III.    繳交學歷驗證
IV.    繳交至少六個月有效期之醫療保險證明或繳交投保國泰人壽醫療保險費新台幣3000 元整
V.    繳交學生綜合資料紀錄表

***Students should submit the stamp-on Registration Procedure Checklist to their Departmental Assistants by the  Registration Deadline: September 12th, 2019.

***請於註冊截止日期 2019 年 9 月 12 日繳交核章完畢之註冊程序單至各系助教。