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No. (ARC): wgq_x/Passport No.:3uˊePOIQSV/!hSV/Reason for Leaving: S bumi/Graduation,eg/Date: __________________________ S NcuxP}_g/Complete Exchange Student Study Program, eg/Date: ______________________________ S x[Withdrawal, eg/Date: ____________________________ SV/Reason: _________________________ S Ox[/Temporary Suspension of School  "$&  0 l n p * , V ܻƻvj_j_SHSh@h[_CJaJh@h[_CJaJo(h@hr{gCJaJh@hr{gCJaJo(h@h76CJaJh@hVCJaJo(h@h76CJaJo(h@hnCJaJh@hnCJaJo(hr{g5CJ aJ o(h+uh5CJ aJ o(h%5CJ aJ o(hF[5CJ aJ o(hPhP5CJ aJ o(h;y5CJ aJ o(h#5CJ aJ o(&  n ]kd$$If    00* t0    644 lapyt@ $$Ifa$gd@ $da$gd7-n p $$Ifa$gd@skd$$If     0** t0    644 lap yt@ $$Ifa$gd@skdV$$If     0** t0    644 lap yt@ * $$Ifa$gd@skd$$If     0** t0    644 lap yt@* , V thP$$IfVDWD^`a$gd@ $$Ifa$gd@kdx$$If     00* t0    644 lapyt@V \  , . @ X ^ p r t t < F H "|######$$4$6$8$j$l$ĠĔĠĠĆĆĆĆ{h@hCJaJh@h)CJaJo(Uh@h1CJaJo(h@hQCJaJo(h@hPbCJaJo(h@h&]CJaJo(h@hRXCJaJo(h@h{eCJaJo(h@h[_CJaJh@h[_CJaJo(h@hCJaJo(0 thP$$IfVDWDx^`a$gd@ $$Ifa$gd@kd!$$If     00* t0    644 lapyt@ , thP$$IfVDWD^`a$gd@ $$Ifa$gd@kd$$If     00* t0    644 lapyt@, . t H "thhhhhV$d$IfWD2`da$gd@ $$Ifa$gd@kds$$If     00* t0    644 lapyt@ g/Period: /From __________________________ /to ________________________ SV/Reason: _________________________________________________ Ox[gxe/Total Semester of Temporary Suspension: SNx[g/1 semester SNx[g/2 semesters S Nx[g/3 semesters S Vx[g/4 semesters(WSq/Phone No. in Taiwan:Kb_j/Cell phone:(WS /Address in Taiwan: WYq/Phone No. in home country:  WY0W@W/Address in home country: Email: =| T/Signature:     YM|uPuBvO\Omi[-DN N Appendix 3 PAGE  Required Documents for National Health Insurance Overpaid Premium Refund: Photocopy of ARC, Student ID, Passport, Post Office Account Book (If applicable), Airline Ticket (Reservation) "#v#6$8$l$$n^$$If^a$gd@skd$$If    0 0** t0    644 lap yt@ $$Ifa$gd@$,$IfWD`,a$gd@l$r$$$$$$$$$4%F%J%j%r%%%%%%%%%%%&&&& &"&&&(&,&.&2&4&8&N&`&&&&&&&&&& h+uh0Jjh+uh0JUh+uh h o( h+uho(hAOjhAOUh[hPo( h[h[h[h@h&]CJaJo(h@h[_CJaJh@h[_CJaJo(h@hCJaJh@hCJaJo(0$$$th $$Ifa$gd@kd$$If    010* t0    644 lapyt@$$H% $$Ifa$gd@skd$$If    0** t0    644 lap yt@H%J%%% $$Ifa$gd@skd;$$If    0** t0    644 lap yt@%%% $$Ifa$gd@skd$$If    L0** t0    644 lap yt@%%& $$Ifa$gd@skd]$$If    l0** t0    644 lap yt@&&&&& &$&&&*&,&0&2&6&8&}}}}}}}}gd[$a$gd+cskd$$If    v0** t0    644 lap ytV 8&&&&&&F'H'&(((*(,(gd[ +&#$gdCgdClh]hgdC &`#$gd%Eh]hgd. &'4'6'F'H''''$(&(((*(,(žŷh[hPo(hAOh+uh hCh+uh h&]5o( h+uh5o(hCh+uh5o( h+uh0Jh+uh5CJaJo(h&]5CJaJo(hCh+uh5CJaJo( >&P 1h2P/R :p#. 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